Digital Marketing & Data Analysis Internship

What's This All About?

Perfect Search offers a Digital Marketing Internship that provides interns with experience in a client-facing digital marketing agency.

This internship includes responsibilities like learning pay-per-click advertising/search engine marketing (PPC/SEM) and social media advertising, as well as search engine optimization.

At Perfect Search, we love our interns! In fact, many of our current employees began here as interns. This position is a great stepping stone for professional growth.

Location of Internship: Remote

Duration of internship: Flexible, 3 months preferred (timing TBD based on availability, likely September-November)

Availability: Flexible, min 3 days preferred

Available for course credit

Check out our digital marketing certifications today - they’re a preferred step in our hiring process and could help us determine where you may be a great fit throughout our network, if we have already filled one of our internal positions.


What You'll Learn

  • Best practices within PPC/SEM, SEO, and social media advertising
  • Work within tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, and more
  • Manage cross-channel digital marketing campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, and more
  • Complete tasks crucial for successful digital marketing campaigns, including (but not limited to) conducting keyword research, metadata implementation, account keyword builds, client reports, and optimizations within PPC accounts
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Communication skills, improved through mock calls, contribution in internal meetings, and potential participation in client meetings
  • Work with fun people in a fun atmosphere

"The level of autonomy is perfect: they are willing to answer any questions and help as much as you need, but will not just feed you the answer."

Luke Piatek
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Class of 2016

"My experience at Perfect Search has helped me learn a part of marketing that is growing at a rapid pace and I will always be grateful for being exposed to such great information so early on in my career."

Lizzy Michan
Northwestern University
Class of 2017

"Learned how to do client reports and the mock calls are really helpful."

Sadie Winters
Loyola University Chicago
Class of 2017

"Perfect Search has a cohesive, dedicated and welcoming environment, which made me enjoy and look forward to coming into office."

Kimberly Fishman
Northwestern University
Class of 2017

"The company culture is passionate and diligent but fun-loving and inclusive"

Northwestern University
Class of 2016

"The Perfect Search internship gave me all the skills I needed to land my next three positions - you'll definitely learn a lot"

Chase Wilson
University of Chicago
Class of 2016

"In the end, I even got to report to a real client. That kind of experience is rare for most internships."

Helen Liang
Northwestern University
Class of 2016

"I enjoyed this internship because of the people that work at Perect Search. Everyone was so willing to help me with any questions I had about PPC, SEO, or the program in general. The structure of the training was great, with constant one-on-ones with team members and hands-on tasks that are used for actual clients, instead of just busy work. I felt included and welcomed from the start of day 1 until the end of the program! I learned a ton and can't wait to apply what I learned to future jobs and experiences."

Courtney Culligan
DePaul University
Class of 2017

"During my time as an intern at Perfect Search, I was able to learn so much information to help further my career. With a mix of instruction and hands-on projects, the learning experience was top notch. Perfect Search also has a very positive work culture that allowed me to feel comfortable and part of the team. All of these elements combined made my internship a satisfying and rewarding few months that gave me skills that will last a lifetime."

Joe Langhenry
University of Illinois
Class of 2016

Perfect Search allowed me to develop both professionally and personally. The internship program was well developed and provided the perfect amount of training and hands-on experience working with real data to deliver to the clients."

Kyle Peterson
Purdue University
Class of 2018

"Perfect Search knows how to challenge and guide interns so that they grow and learn on their own. As an intern, the team invests a great deal of energy and effort into you so that you can truly walk away with tangible Digital Marketing skills."

Emma Komrska
University of Cincinnati
Class of 2019

"At Perfect Search, I felt like an equal part of the team. I was consistently busy with real, client-related deliverables, while the company remained invested in my personal internship experience and understanding of the Digital Marketing industry."

Emma Komrska
University of Cincinnati
Class of 2019

"The Perfect Search Media internship was the best step I made to invest in my future during my undergraduate studies. During my time at Perfect Search, I got a ton of hands-on experience, one-on-one attention and jumpstarted a portfolio of work that has been a huge advantage in my post-graduate career opportunities. The internship at Perfect Search is so well thought out that I immediately felt like a valued part of the team!"

Katie Cavanaugh
Northwestern University
Class of 2018

“My time at Perfect Search truly set me up for success and I will forever be grateful for my time there. Having the opportunity to go through extensive training and being able to creatively contribute to the team by working with real world clients was an amazing way to build my portfolio and my skill set.”

Eleanor Alexander
DePaul University
Class of 2018

"During my internship at Perfect Search Media I learned many valuable skills and knowledge. From organizational skills to industry knowledge. The team was extremely helpful throughout every step of the process, being extremely inclusive, and always having fun! I’m very happy in my current role as a Business Development Manager and look to further develop skills and relationships at Perfect Search."

Amedeo Zanotti
Loyola University Chicago
Class of 2018

"The Perfect Search team team cares about its interns as members of the family. Not only did I get to learn about and apply methods of SEO, PPC and content strategy, but I also had the opportunity to get close to a hard-working and super-fun group of professionals. Perfect Search invests in interns so that I finished my experience knowing I'd learned a lot while being creative and earning priceless experience. And the endless free food, weekly meetings, and company off-sites were a major bonus! More than just about any other internship, I felt like my hard work was valued and that I made a real impact in my life and others'."

Sarah Walther
Northwestern University
Class of 2019

"As an intern at Perfect Search I was able to learn all about digital marketing and improve my design skills while working on a variety of projects from internal marketing to client work. Everyone on the Perfect Search team is incredibly hardworking, friendly and supportive. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of the amazing team!"

Andrew Skalitzky
Northwestern University
Class of 2019

"Everyone at Perfect Search has been so welcoming and wanted me to succeed not only in my internship but also in my future career goals. From day one, I was given immersive trainings, the ability to work on client projects and tasks, and the industry-experience and skills needed to feel like a real analyst."

Ryan Boden
Tulane University

What You Need

  • Strong analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Excel
  • Strong desire to work in digital marketing
  • Working toward or completion of a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, Statistics or related field preferred but not required!

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