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E-Commerce Retailer

96% increase in transactions


With over 820 stores in 38 states across the U.S, this department store company is a national department store company that owns four other brand department stores. 


Many shoppers change their habits in accordance with what e-commerce discount codes are available. Perfect Search worked with this department store to discover if promo codes or auto-applied discount codes were more effective at improving the site’s e-commerce performance.

What we did


For two days, Perfect Search ran an auto-applied discount code for 50% off all qualifying products. This promotion was displayed through sitelink ad extensions, remarketing banners, and shown through automatic price decreases for all qualifying products on the website.


Then, another two-day test ran for a 50% off promo code. This promotion was shown through sitelink ad extensions, remarketing banners, and hero banners on the e-commerce website. However, products showed their full price until the 50% promo code was applied during checkout.


We wanted to see if the kind of discount code led to a difference in website traffic, conversions, and average order volume (AOV).


The auto-applied discount code outperformed the promo code by a wide margin. While traffic to the department store e-commerce site was similar for both, the auto-applied discount code led to

96% more transactions, a 94% increase in conversion rate, 127% more revenue, and a 16% higher AOV.


This positive performance was consistent across all paid channels. After this test, the department store now primarily uses auto-applied discount codes instead of promo codes. 

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