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We shouldn’t have to tell you how important content is to your business, but we will. Here are just some of the ways our SEO copywriting and content team can contribute to your business: 

SEO copywriting – Writing the content on your site. Whether it’s just a page or an entire new site’s worth of content, our team uses both data and creativity to make sure your content is highly engaging. This is a crucial strategy for SEO.

Blog posts – Frequent blog posts for a wide variety of topics can be written to help keep your visitors engaged and interested in your product.

Press releases – Get the word out about updates, news and more!

Social media content – Make sure your brand has a presence and engages your audience with posts on your social media channels.

Email marketing/newsletters – If you’ve got an email database, you might as well put it to use with email marketing and newsletters. 

Without content, you don’t have a call-to-action. You don't tell a story. You don’t have a clear statement to make. You honestly just don’t have much of anything. Images are important to a website, but without quality content backing up everything, what’s the point?

Perfect Search works with businesses to build a clear and concise SEO copywriting and content strategy specifically suited to your needs. Whether you need all the content written for your new website or are working on a content marketing strategy for your blog, social media or more, we’ve got you covered.

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The first - and often most important - step for content creation is getting to know your business and voice. Any new SEO copywriting strategy should blend in seamlessly with what’s already there. By understanding your overarching copy goals and how you communicate to your customers, our skilled team can create unique copy that fits right in with your brand's voice. 

Getting Started With SEO Copywriting Services

With any SEO copywriting engagement, we’ll want to come up with an overarching plan. Will you need multiple pages of content a month on a consistent basis, or just a few press releases every year? By understanding your goals and needs for content, we can map it out accordingly.

Analyzing Your Digital Copywriting

As a digital marketing agency, not only do we want well-written content, but we want content that drives conversions. We’ll constantly track and analyze any new content to see how it’s performing. New content should help improve rankings, drive traffic, and in the end, improve conversions. Our content team is Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified, so they're always thinking about how content fits into the conversion funnel. 


Our reporting is always custom and is based on the engagement and your needs. If you’re an SEO client, your copywriting updates are seamlessly embedded in our overarching reports. We’ll work with you to make sure whatever information you need is clearly and effectively communicated to you.

Has this page of content just blown you away? Are you in dire need of new copy for your site? If so, contact us today to learn more about our SEO copywriting Chicago services, content strategy, and what we can do for you!

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