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Google+ – Social Media Marketing

Google+ Advertising

Here are some shocking facts that you’ve probably never heard before: Bill Clinton sent just two emails during his presidency, elephants are terrified of bees, and Google+ ads don’t just reach G+ users. Yes, you heard that right: Google+ ads, or +Posts, can be posted on the entire World Wide Web.

There are so many pluses to advertising with Google+. Find out why your business can benefit from +Posts now, read Clinton’s two emails later.

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Why advertise on Google+?

+Posts allow engagement with the ad itself

Unlike other advertising channels where users can only click on an ad and get redirected to another site, users can comment, give a +1, follow a brand, and even join a Google Hangout through a +Post. This feature makes it easy for your target audience to engage with your ad and your business.

Google+ ads can take on many different forms

With text, images, videos, interactive ads, and even Hangouts On Air—promoted live streams that can drive subscribers to your company’s YouTube channel—the possibilities are endless. Leave behind those dull, black-and-white, text-only ads of the past. Your business deserves the opportunity to craft innovative, engaging ads that match your brand’s unique personality and goals.

+Posts are shared within the expansive Google Display Network

This is a big deal. Huge. Other social media advertising channels allow businesses to share ads within their specific social media platform; Google+ goes way beyond this. Because +Posts are promoted in the Google Display Network, they use contextual targeting tools that can match ads to relevant websites and audience targeting tools (think geography, language, demographics, and interests) to match ads to relevant users. In other words, your company’s ad could show up on any one of the hundreds of thousands of sites in the Display Network. Just imagine that reach!

Why Perfect Search is a great fit for managing your Google+ marketing campaigns

We’re already experts in the Google Display Network

Thus, we can manage your +Post campaigns expertly. It’s simple logic, people! Our team’s vast experience with display advertising and remarketing within the Google Display Network means that we’re adept at managing, optimizing, and analyzing any Google+ ad campaign.

Oh, yeah–we’re AdWords pros, too

Did you know that +Posts are created within the Google AdWords platform? Lucky for you—we eat AdWords for breakfast. Okay, that’s a hyperbole (and impossible). The point is, every member of our advertising team is AdWords certified, highly trained, and incredibly experienced.

Our team is all about customization and client service

We’re dedicated to individualizing our strategies to best suit your needs and goals.

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