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"The team demonstrates great knowledge in their SEO/PPC strategies by driving more traffic through international & local targeting, A/B testing, and landing pages."
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Mobile Advertising


Now that more people search on mobile devices than on their desktops, it's incredibly important to use a custom mobile advertising strategy. That's what we're here for. Our team will ensure that your ads are properly targeting the right clients, using the right mobile advertising platforms, and taking advantage of the latest mobile advertising trends. 

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Nice to Meet You

As with any of our engagements, getting to know you and your business is absolutely crucial in order to deliver the best results. It’s helpful for us to learn exactly what your mobile goals are - do you just want people to come to your site, or do you want to be driving tons of phone calls? Learning the intricacies of your business helps us help you.

Getting Started With Mobile Advertising

We treat mobile advertising as an extension of your paid search account. By varying things like ad copy style and length  or even calls-to-action, we create specifically mobile ads. Users act differently on different devices, and the account buildout should reflect this. Whether you need mobile app advertising, mobile video advertising, mobile display advertising, or something else entirely, we'll create a game plan to accomplish your unique goals.

Analyzing Mobile Advertising

Mobile ads are analyzed and fine-tuned so they're always optimized for your goals. If the ad copy is too long for someone to read on their mobile phone, we’ll shorten it. Perhaps the call-to-action isn’t clear enough, so we'll change it. Because people interact differently with websites on their mobile phones or tablets, we could test landing pages or site design changes. Ultimately, boosting your mobile conversion rates is our end goal. Because the advertising landscape is always changing, our analysts are constantly adjusting to account for the latest trends. 

Reporting on Mobile Advertising

Whatever mobile metrics are important to you, we’ll deliver. If you want to see how many phone calls came from mobile ads, no problem. If you want to compare how many people visited a specific page on your site on mobile vs. desktop, we’re on it. We’ll even call you on our very own mobile phones to go over the report! From start to finish, we’re thorough.

Hungry for more? We also offer additional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies:

Paid Search: Show ads in search engines.

Social Media Paid Advertising: Demographic targeting, ahoy! Reach out to users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

Remarketing and Display: Get your ads on websites in image and banner form.


Still unsure if your business needs to consider mobile advertising? Get in touch with Perfect Search today!

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