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There’s more to Paid Search than just text ads. Your ads can have images! And no, we are not referring to annoying pop-ups or those weird ‘Doctors Hate Him…’ ads.

With the Google Display Network, you can place ads on sites relevant to the products or services that you offer. We’re talking sites like Macy’s, CNN, and Wall Street Journal. Pretty legit. Remarketing ads are ads that are targeted to people who have visited your site before. That sounds like a warm lead to me. These people are already interested in your product, so let’s seal the deal with a remarketing ad.

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We’ll get to know your business backwards and forwards - the length of your sales cycle, your target demographic, and even lifetime customer value are all important. These things will help us run highly targeted ads that will result in the most conversions.

Starting Digital Remarketing Services

The first step is to collect that cookie pool for remarketing banners. Then, our team will build out super customized campaigns based on seasonality, target goals, and beyond. Is it summertime and you sell swimsuits? You better believe we’ll immediately start targeting shoppers who have put one of your suits in their shopping cart but didn’t buy.


Our primary goal is to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. We’re all about maximizing your online presence, so we make sure your remarketing is based on a cost per click (CPC) model. This means that you’re only actually paying for an ad when someone clicks on it, which gets you tons of free impressions.

Our team can adjust what ads are shown to whom based on various factors like your sales cycle, what pages people have viewed on your site, and even target already converted customers to come back for more. There’s always room for improvement.


Whatever metrics you’re interested in, we’ll create custom reports that focus on them. Want to know how many people saw an ad? We’ve got you. Interested in learning how many people that clicked an ad actually bought your product? Got it covered. Need to know how many people went out and bought ice cream after seeing your ad? Well… promises, but we’ll do our best!


Remarketing banners are super visual, so you want to put your best foot forward. Our design department can create stellar custom banners and images for your campaigns.  Not only are our designers incredibly talented, but they approach design with an analytical mind. What's better than well-designed banners that are optimized for conversions? Nothing. Read more about our design services here.

Interested in other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services? We also offer:

Paid Search: Show ads in search engines.

Social Media Paid Advertising: Demographic targeting, ahoy! Reach out to users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

Display Advertising: Get your ads on websites in image and banner form - great for brand awareness.

Mobile Advertising: People are constantly playing with their phones, so make sure your advertising is targeting them.


Still unsure if your business needs to dive into remarketing? Get in touch with Perfect Search today!

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