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"As a CMO, I want to bring on the best talent possible to supplement areas where I can’t possibly know all I need to know. Ajay and the team give me the confidence to know my business is in the right hands."
Michael Hiskey

Social Media Marketing


Everyone and their mother is on social media nowadays. (When are you going to accept your mom's friend request, anyway?) With so many active social media users to target, social media marketing is becoming quite the lucrative ad outlet. Tucked in between photos of a friend’s new baby could be advertisements for your business!


There’s plenty of social media advertising platforms to choose from, but we specialize in these for our clients:

While each has its own unique strategy and capabilities, our overall process for advertising on social media is as follows:

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Personalized Social Media Marketing

Understanding your business is especially important for social media advertising. We want to know your company’s unique vision and personality. Social media is your time to shine! By getting to know you, we can help determine what social media platforms are best for you. While Facebook and Twitter are a bit more consumer-based, a platform like LinkedIn is geared towards a more business culture. 

Starting Social Media Marketing

Once we’ve determined the best social media platforms to advertise on, we’ll begin working on your accounts. By focusing on your messaging, target demographics, and design of your ads, we create comprehensive accounts that are both creative and highly structured. Social media marketing is all about enticing the user, so it’s important to be sending the right messaging to the right audience.


While we may have initially determined that Facebook and Twitter were the best platforms to start advertising on, it’s important to test! Trying different kinds of ads for different platforms is vital, as the data can surprise you. We may find that certain target demographics or target interests have a high conversion rate, so we’ll want to optimize your ads to focus on those targets. By being able to target such specific groups of people (like showing ads only to men who like yoga - namaste) you might even discover that there is a demographic that outperforms your wildest dreams.


We’ll create monthly reports for you based on whatever metrics are the most important - we want to be as detailed and as comprehensive as possible to give you as much insight as possible.


While the messaging and data behind social media ads is important, it’s important that they look great as well. Our in-house designers create custom-made ads that will perfectly blend into your brand, while still being optimized for your goals. Learn more about our design services here.

Interested in learning about our other advertising services? Here are our additional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies:

Paid Search: Show ads in search engines.

Remarketing and Display: Get your ads on websites in image and banner form.

Mobile Advertising: People are constantly playing with their phones, so make sure your advertising is targeting them.

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