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"The value from our engagement has been significant and their team is extremely proactive on site improvements regardless of whether they fall into their scope. We're now expanding our business to new cities with their assistance. I have and continue to highly recommend them."
Jeremy Snepar
The New York Code + Design Academy
"Ajay and Perfect Search came highly recommended to build out and manage our account which would require millions of keywords. [They] were able to quickly build out a huge account and optimize all aspects of the account to beat our goals. From all of our touch points in their firm, Perfect Search has been instrumental in our success."
Kasey Gandham

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March 24, 2017
Non-profits might not seem like a beacon of digital marketing inspiration—but inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. Over the past few months, non-profits have pushed their marketing efforts into high gear. And we’re taking notice.This past January, when the Trump administration issued the controversial Muslim ban executive order, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) raised over $24 million during the weekend of January 28th. This astounding bump in donations speaks to the online presence the ACLU has...
March 21, 2017
The digital marketing landscape is competitive enough as it is. It’s already difficult to compete against the endless stream of rival search results fighting for the same keywords on Google and Bing, but you also need to ensure that you don’t compete against yourself.Have no fear. Here’s a guide to two reasons why you might be competing against yourself in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and what to do about it if you are. Duplicate URLs indexed in GoogleFirst, check out if you have webpages with duplicate...
March 14, 2017
Forget the Super Bowl. College basketball is the real slam dunk sporting event for digital marketers.March Madness, the three-week long NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, has become an institution. Zealous fans and bandwagon rookies alike fill out brackets, place bets and tune in every day (yes, even at the office) to follow their favorite teams.The unpredictable nature of the tournament consistently leads to tons of Google searches, social media posts, and, of course, millions of viewers—17.8 million in 2016. March...
March 9, 2017
Let's all admit it. The 1990's were a weird time. Just check out these photos of *NSYNC.What's more 90's than frosted tips? The fact that people were hesitant to put their credit card information online. Now, the majority of Americans shop online. Our latest infographic (designed by our ever-talented Senior Designer Anna!) will help you figure out how you can make your e-commerce business stand out.
March 8, 2017
Already finished Part I of our Winter 2017 internviews and ready for Part II? We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Get to know Anushka, Lizzy, and Luke! Anushka Patil, Junior Analyst, SEO & Content1) Where are you from? Describe one of your favorite places to visit when you're home.I'm from Cupertino, California. If it sounds familiar, that's because it's the default weather location on your iPhone (and Apple headquarters.) Silicon Valley was a very interesting place to grow up - there were always tech tourists taking...
March 3, 2017
Two things are making this (almost over?) Chicago winter great. 1) The lack of snow. 2) Our fantastic team of Junior Analysts.If you’re a Perfect Search “Internviews” aficionado, we have some more good news for you. This season, there are two sets of Internviews. Get to know Drew, Kimberly, and Sadie this week—then come back next week to meet Anushka, Lizzy, and Luke! Drew Gorenz, Junior Analyst1) Where are you from? Describe one of your favorite places to visit when you're home.I'm from Lisle, Illinois, a suburb about an...
March 1, 2017
Guest post by Andrew McLoughlin, SEO/Analytics Manager at Colibri Digital MarketingWe’ve written a lot lately about machine learning and natural language processing, and how these emerging AI technologies are reshaping the digital marketing landscape. At Colibri Digital Marketing, we try to anticipate the effects of new technologies well enough in advance to get in on the ground floor and to future-proof our digital marketing efforts. Today, we’d like to share more of those insights. What you need to knowFor those who are...