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"The value from our engagement has been significant and their team is extremely proactive on site improvements regardless of whether they fall into their scope. We're now expanding our business to new cities with their assistance. I have and continue to highly recommend them."
Jeremy Snepar
The New York Code + Design Academy
"Ajay and Perfect Search came highly recommended to build out and manage our account which would require millions of keywords. [They] were able to quickly build out a huge account and optimize all aspects of the account to beat our goals. From all of our touch points in their firm, Perfect Search has been instrumental in our success."
Kasey Gandham

Our discusses how he made spending time with friends & family a top priority. Find out how >>…

December 8, 2016
Last year, I wrote a post on my 4 Pillars of Happiness. Here’s a SparkNotes summary for you: During a reflective flight to Miami, I decided to make happiness a New Year's’ resolution. The 4 pillars are the guiding principles that have helped me achieve and maintain this resolution. To be grateful. To prioritize friends and family. To do and experience more. To help others. Since we’re in the midst of the holiday season, I wanted to spend more time thinking about friends and family. It’s so easy to get caught up with work...
December 7, 2016
It’s bae’s birthday and you forgot until now . You don’t want to be banished to the dog house on a frosty Chicago night so you gotta act now. You punch in “3.5 star restaurants”—it is a special occasion, after all—into your phone and badabing badaboom ! The top result is nearby and you’re able to snag a rezzy for 5PM at the Applebee’s across the street. Google saves the day. By now, users have grown accustomed to Google’s personalization of the SERP . What once startled and disturbed searchers, with the ever-expanding...
December 1, 2016
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. (Or maybe at least one or two of you?) This month, we’re getting to know Kayla Hammersmith, Manager of Copywriting & Content Strategy . You might know that she loves knitting and the classic collared-shirt-under-sweater combo. But you don’t know the whole story. Read her spotlight now. 1) What’s your favorite work task? What’s your most challenging work task? My favorite work task is coming up with new blog post topics for different clients. When I discover a valuable keyword...
November 29, 2016
There’s no doubt that digital marketers everywhere love conversions. Online purchases, contact forms, phone calls—you name it, we want ‘em. But sometimes we become so infatuated with conversions that we begin to lose sight of the bigger picture. Sure, we’re constantly measuring traffic and a handful of other KPIs, but these only make up a piece of the whole pie. To see the entire picture, it’s necessary to identify and measure micro conversions. What are micro conversions? According to Google, micro conversions are “...
November 22, 2016
9/10. 4/10. 7/10. Am I judging an Olympic sports team? No! Rating new horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes? Nope. I’m actually analyzing different Quality Scores on Google AdWords. Although that probably doesn’t sound as engaging as sports or movies (well, maybe for some it does), it’s extremely important in the digital marketing world. What makes up a Quality Score? There has always been a lot of discussion over what does and doesn’t go into an AdWords Quality Score. While there are slight differences between the three major...
November 17, 2016
When it comes to SEO, it seems that the entire goal is to increase traffic and get your website seen as much as possible. Climbing to the top of the results page can sometimes seem like the solitary goal of all SEO analysts. However, it gets a little more nuanced than that. In fact, there comes a time when SEO analysts are trying to do the very opposite. Sometimes, it’s necessary to keep certain pages off a search engine results page (SERP) and hidden away in your domain. Is your world shattered yet? Read on. Why block a...
November 15, 2016
So maybe you’re the Director of Marketing at an enterprise business. Or you’re the Head of Business Development. Perhaps you’re in charge of advertising relations. No matter your title, if you’re the liaison between your enterprise business and your digital marketing agency, this is a must-read. It can be hard to balance your internal responsibilities and make sure you’re getting the most out of your agency relationship. I’ve compiled a few tips about how to make the most of your relationship with your digital marketing...