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"The value from our engagement has been significant and their team is extremely proactive on site improvements regardless of whether they fall into their scope. We're now expanding our business to new cities with their assistance. I have and continue to highly recommend them."
Jeremy Snepar
The New York Code + Design Academy
"Ajay and Perfect Search came highly recommended to build out and manage our account which would require millions of keywords. [They] were able to quickly build out a huge account and optimize all aspects of the account to beat our goals. From all of our touch points in their firm, Perfect Search has been instrumental in our success."
Kasey Gandham

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May 26, 2016
Have you ever gone online shopping, only to find out that you can’t find the checkout button? Maybe you’ve looked through photos of products and found them unappealing? If done poorly, these seemingly simple elements of a website make any e-commerce site lose conversions. Fortunately, A/B testing allows e-commerce sites to test various aspects of their websites in order to make the experience more desirable to consumers. What is A/B testing? Before we look at the different aspects of A/B testing that can be used to enhance...
May 24, 2016
If you’re an avid internet user (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you’ve probably gotten annoyed by ads badgering you everywhere. They’re in the margins of every site you visit, they pop up at you unexpectedly, and they’re on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Most of the time you try to pretend they aren’t there--but every so often you’ll stop and look at one that caught your eye. Maybe you’ll even click on it. What was it that made you stop? I’ll tell you what it was: good design . Or, okay, maybe it was the cute boots you...
May 19, 2016
Finally. It’s springtime. And you know what that means. No, not finally venturing outdoors for more than twenty minutes for the first time in months. Although, yes, that’s pretty great, too. With the new season comes a new installment of the “internviews.” You know, intern interviews. This spring, we chatted with our Junior Analysts Jane Yoon and Jeffrey Hong . Find out why they both would invite President Barack Obama to dinner, their favorite hometown spots, and what surprised them about digital marketing. Dreaming of...
May 17, 2016
Think back to when you were first applying for college. Chances are, you extensively researched schools that you were interested in, narrowed down that list to a couple schools, and only after months of research did you decide on a school. You probably weren’t Googling “schools near me” or “top 10 universities.” Enter 2016. Your college application days are probably long past and the Internet has made the gap between educators and students smaller than ever before. With the Internet revolution, education institutions can...
May 12, 2016
Do you remember what it was like when you were looking at schools? Did you ask your family and friends where they attended? Did your parents attend a prestigious school and influence you to follow in their footsteps? Did friends encourage you to forge your own educational path? While family and friends may have been the main influences in your decision, students today are increasingly turning to Google to inform their decision about higher education. Thus, educational institutions are increasingly investing in digital...
May 10, 2016
It’s been months of work. Countless meetings discussing colors, layouts, navigation bars, and URL structures. You’ve realized that you really do have strong feelings on hamburger menus, and you’ve strained your eyes from poring over a sea of mockups. Suddenly, the end is in sight. Your new website is ready to go live. This is the moment of truth. Working in SEO, I’ve learned that few events cause as many problems for a business as launching a new site does. Your new site may increase user engagement and your conversion rate...
May 4, 2016
It’s time to engage your brain and learn about the Perfect Search Manager of Employee Engagement, Jessica. Is there anywhere else you can read about company culture, betta fish, and waterbeds in one post? We don’t think so. 1) What's your favorite work task? What's your most challenging task? My favorite task is coming up with good team-building activities that the team actually enjoys. I quickly used up the repertoire I built up from working with high school students, so I'm constantly on the lookout for fun, somewhat...