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"The value from our engagement has been significant and their team is extremely proactive on site improvements regardless of whether they fall into their scope. We're now expanding our business to new cities with their assistance. I have and continue to highly recommend them."
Jeremy Snepar
The New York Code + Design Academy
"Ajay and Perfect Search came highly recommended to build out and manage our account which would require millions of keywords. [They] were able to quickly build out a huge account and optimize all aspects of the account to beat our goals. From all of our touch points in their firm, Perfect Search has been instrumental in our success."
Kasey Gandham

Happy Monday! Seize the day (and/or micromoment):

February 23, 2017
The sheer number of articles out there about social media best practices can be overwhelming. (And because social media platforms update so frequently, advice from even just the last year or so may no longer be relevant.) It’s easy to get caught up in the latest technical intricacies of maximizing engagement while losing sight of how customers perceive your social media persona. Here are 5 basic mistakes companies make when starting out on social media. They can be especially cringeworthy to digital natives, but I promise,...
February 23, 2017
As mobile searches continue to grow, so does Google’s emphasis on the “ mobile-first world .” To compete in this world, brands and businesses must be present in the micro-moment. The micro-moment sounds like fancy marketing jargon, but you’ve probably experienced three micro-moments today. What are micro-moments? Google defines micro-moments as “the moments when you turn to a device—often your smartphone—to take action on whatever you need or want right now. They’re the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy, and I-...
February 17, 2017
When I first started off as an SEO analyst, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX) was a particularly daunting arena. It seemed too vast and I didn’t know where to begin. After working with my own clients and their websites, CRO and UX became some of my favorite SEO tasks. I want to make you fall in love with CRO, too. After all, why wouldn’t you love something that helps increase your website’s conversion rate? Hold up. What exactly is conversion rate optimization? Conversion rate optimization, or CRO...
February 10, 2017
Facebook recently released two new advertising options on…the Facebook Messenger app. With over one billion monthly active users as of July 2016 , this becomes another platform deserving of your attention. Find out how and why businesses like yours can increase customer reach and engagement on this new platform. Newsfeed ads to Messenger This option allows advertisers to drive users from their news feed directly to a Messenger thread. The ad contains the Messenger icon as a call-to-action button. Advertisers create a...
February 9, 2017
So. Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that evokes pretty polarizing response. You might believe that it’s a commercial scam perpetuated by Big Hallmark—or you might enjoy the opportunity to share your affection for loved ones. Either way, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that stores will sell chocolate for ~super low prices~ on February 15 th . Another truth? It’s surprisingly easy to come up with digital marketing valentines. So we went for it. Check out our digital marketing valentines—and don’t forget to share them...
February 7, 2017
Yes, it’s February 2017. No, it’s not dated to talk about New Year’s resolutions. After all, shouldn’t we all still be thinking about our resolutions? It might be trendy to bring them up on January 1st, but it’s valuable to discuss progress a month later. Only a minority of people (8%!) actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Most years I’m in the majority but this year has been different and I want to share my experiences with you. Whether your resolutions have fallen by the wayside or you’re ready to create some...
February 3, 2017
At Perfect Search, our analysts have a knack for knowing account metrics. Search & Social Analyst Mayank Mathur also has a secret knack for knowing every single Friends episode title. Get to know Mayank in his team member spotlight. 1) What's your favorite work task? What's your most challenging work task? My favorite work task is preparing for deep dives. A deep dive is when our whole team takes a look at an account and shares strategies and ideas. It's just refreshing to take a break from your own accounts and look...