At the start of 2022, a leading eco-waste company was seeing great leads from their PPC search campaigns and they wanted to continue this growth. Their goal was to continue to scale their online advertising impact. To achieve this, Perfect Search created programmatic ad campaigns on StackAdapt to improve higher funnel targeting and brand awareness, which ultimately helped grow overall leads.

Our strategy

Perfect Search researched different audience options to target campaigns on StackAdapt, a leading B2B programmatic display platform.

We provided this eco-waste company’s design team with insights into best practices for display and native ad design.

Once we established performance using Display ads to target the correct audience, we added Native ads to further increase content engagement with their audience.

The Perfect Search team monitored performance and tracked the conversion journey to make placement and audience optimizations in each campaign to continue to grow leads.


15% increase in organic website conversions
43% lower cost per lead
than Google Display Remarketing campaign
2% increase in conversion rate
in Google and Microsoft Search Ads

Most StackAdapt leads were view-through, meaning people saw the programmatic ads but did not click on them, and then filled out lead forms on the website in the next 24 hours through another channel.

What this means for your business

Although not necessarily easily trackable to specific conversions, StackAdapt programmatic display ads can impact the performance of other digital marketing channels and ultimately boost your bottom line. Upper-funnel digital marketing ads will impact the effectiveness of your lower-funnel ads and conversion rates on your website and search ads. StackAdapt programmatic ads can also be more effective for B2B advertisers than the Google Display Network, due to higher value placements and detailed audience targeting options.

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