YouTube Advertising

YouTube has become one of the fastest-growing ad platforms

If your company is not on Youtube, you are missing out on engaging a large audience on the second biggest social media platform and search engine in the world.

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Our YouTube Services

YouTube is especially important to users under the age of 35 and is often used to decide between competing products. With YouTube’s integration with Google Ads, your Perfect Search team can build a comprehensive strategy across search, display, and YouTube utilizing Google’s audience targeting.

We will help build expert YouTube campaigns that reach and engage your customers–including creating custom targeted audiences, compelling videos, and expert budgeting across channels.

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Our YouTube clients saw an average increase of 82% in their conversions from 2023 to 2024

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YouTube Advertising

We’re a Google Partner.

This means our search, display, & social advertising clients have exclusive access to the latest YouTube ad tool releases, including YouTube TV campaigns and new ad and campaign types on the platform.

We’re Experienced.

We’ve created YouTube campaigns for many clients in different verticals and had success with B2B, associations/non-profits, education, e-commerce, and other audiences.

We Have Skilled Designers.

We have skilled designers on staff with experience creating compelling YouTube videos & animated ads.

We Never Stop Testing.

Whether it’s re-envisioning creative or exploring targeting options, we keep testing to get the best results and learn what types of ads engage with our core audience.

Users are spending more time watching videos, tv shows, and movies on YouTube.

YouTube often has a cheaper cost per click than Google Search.

Opportunity to engage both new and returning audiences with compelling video content, ranging from 6-second clips to 5-minute+ videos.

youtube insights

YouTube allows for more granular and insightful data about user audiences, ad placement, and user behavior compared to traditional TV advertising.

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