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Company History


Because he is such a model son,  Ajay Pattani (the future CEO & Founder of Perfect Search Media) takes charge and optimizes SouvenirChicago.com, the website for his family's souvenir business. (Shameless plug, deal with it.) Sales improve from 1 per week to 20 per day, peaking at 50 per day, if you want to get specific.

A young Ajay thinks to himself, "Perhaps I am on to something here with this internet optimizing stuff. Perhaps!" Nonetheless, his parents are thrilled, but still probably secretly wanted him to be a doctor or something.




Realizing his internet marketing dreams/career path, Ajay joins Resolution Media as employee #20. This comes soon after the search agency is acquired by Omnicom.

Was Omnicom's first order of business to hire Ajay? Probably not, but maybe! While at Resolution, Ajay manages PPC and SEO for Dell, Armani, The Tire Rack, Lowes and creates the first long tail keyword account for FedEx.


Not merely satisfied with being the #20 guy at Resolution Media, Ajay joins FansEdge and implements an Adwords account overhaul, increasing the keyword count from 800,000 to 5 million and ad text relevancy to thousands of products.

This restructure doubles FansEdge revenue pace from $25 million to $50 million, thus placing the firm on Internet Retailers Fastest Growing Companies lists. To put it in his words, creating a perfect account and seeing its significant impact became the inspiration for "perfect" search.


As if Adwords wasn't enough, Ajay begins managing SEO, Remarketing, Affiliates, Shopping Engines and offline advertising for FansEdge.


FansEdge showers Ajay with acclaim by awarding him employee of the quarter honors and promoting him to head of all advertising for FansEdge's parent company, Dreams Corp.


Thanks to all that impressive work by Ajay (ok...and a full team), FansEdge grows their yearly revenues to $100 million online.


Sensing an opportunity and interest from various companies, Ajay decides to leave FansEdge.


Ajay decides to take on internet marketing himself - thus Perfect Search Media is born unto the world. Right out of the gate, Perfect Search begins working with clients such as Chicago Tribune, Bonobos, Sandbox Industries, Bay.ru, Pangea Properties, Topps and more! Perfect Search develops a proprietary technology to have the ability to quickly build out massive "perfect" accounts with millions of keywords. Perfect Search moves into the 116 W Hubbard building and focuses on its priorities: buying a ping pong table for the office. 


Perfect Search partners with Dex One to launch Dex's first premium SEO offering.


Due to an influx of clients, Perfect Search begins actively recruiting the best talent in Chicago. For instance, the team who built this site. What talents!


Perfect Search's numbers begin to grow. We start to build our sales team and bring on in-house designers. The growing pains become evident and the space becomes too close for comfort. We can't even play ping pong anymore! Time to move?


Perfect Search prepares for future expansion by moving to a much much larger space at 12 E Ohio St. (Seriously, you should see the size of this place compared to our old office. Apples to oranges. Or just some enormous pumpkin-sized apples to clementines, but like super small clementines). Time for a ping pong tournament!


Perfect Search rebrands and launches this amazing new website that you're currently visiting!

We continue to work with great clients like Packback, The New York Code and Design Academy, and Columbia University School of Social Work. Check out their testimonials here!

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