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Perfect Search takes advantage of everything Facebook (Meta) offers to advertisers, and makes it work for your business.

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Our Facebook Services

Facebook is the largest social media platform around. With over 1 billion active users (and counting!) and an ever-growing advertising platform, Facebook advertising could be integral to your company’s social media advertising strategy.

Facebook also utilizes a combined ad platform with Instagram, Stories, Reels, Threads, the Meta Audience Network (Display Ads), and Messenger, making it easy to create campaigns that target a specific audience across all of these platforms while optimizing ad creative for a wide variety of placements. Perfect Search can create a customized strategy for your business across all of these popular social media platforms to reach your audience where they spend most of their time.

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Our Facebook clients saw an increase of 48% in their conversions from 2023 to 2024

Custom Ad Design

Remember how important images and video are to Facebook ads? Finding the best creative can be stressful. Don’t worry. Our in-house design team can make customized, brilliant images and videos perfect for your campaign and optimized for Facebook and Instagram placements.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Clients speak with our paid search team regularly to discuss strategy, progress, challenges, test results, learnings, and ongoing goals. And Perfect Search will create a custom dashboard with information from all of your campaigns across different platforms so you can check on live performance as often as you wish.

Why Advertise on Facebook

The Perfect Search experts will adjust every strategy to meet your unique business goals. If one strategy doesn’t get the results your business is looking for, that’s okay. We’ll work until we find something that does.

Plus, our skilled team of analysts personally manage every single aspect of the accounts. From targeting audiences to writing ad text to A/В testing, your campaign is highly controlled by analysts every step of the way and learnings are shared with your team.


Facebook offers extensive demographic and interest targeting based on user behavior across their various social media platforms.


Facebook continues to improve its advertising platform.


You can even reach customers with Messenger, the Audience Network, and Instagram placements.


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