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"As a CMO, I want to bring on the best talent possible to supplement areas where I can’t possibly know all I need to know. Ajay and the team give me the confidence to know my business is in the right hands."
Michael Hiskey

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Facebook Advertising

You know that everybody and their grandma has a Facebook profile. Why not advertise to everyone — and all of their grandmas? 

Facebook is the largest social media platform around. With over 1 billion active users (and counting!) and an ever-growing advertising platform, Facebook advertising could be integral to your company’s social media marketing strategy.

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Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook offers extensive demographic targeting.

From age to location to interests to connections and beyond, Facebook provides the most thorough targeting options out of any other social media marketing platform. It’s possible to group target audiences into incredibly specific categories — like Soccer Moms — making it simple to reach your dream audience.

Facebook continues to improve upon its advertising platform.

It’s an advertising channel that’s constantly creating better ways to make ads more effective. Because Facebook focuses on progressing its own advertising platform, it’s a great sign that you should be too. 

Facebook advertising builds up brand awareness.

Because images and videos are integral to Facebook advertising, it’s easier for your business to tell a story about your brand. Engaging with your audience is much more effective with images and videos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Who even knows how much a video is worth?

Facebook’s universal pixel improves conversion tracking and remarketing.

The pixel is a code snippet that allows you to track anything from a conversion funnel to how many people visit your site from Facebook. With the Facebook pixel, you can employ traditional AdWords remarketing strategies, remarket to anyone who visits your site, upload and target a customer email list, and create lookalike audiences based on people who’ve visited your site and your customer email list.

And that’s not all. Facebook advertising is great for both B2B and B2C companies, it has lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs), and it takes search intent into account. Interested in finding out more? Contact us today.

How Perfect Search can boost your Facebook advertising campaigns

Our Paid Search team isn’t just skilled at ping-pong. (Even though they’re definitely the team in the office to beat—don’t tell SEO.) The team’s extensive, results-driven Facebook advertising strategy is based on comprehensive testing and retargeting. Here’s a few reasons why we’re Facebook advertising pros:

Customization, flexible, design and reporting

It’s never, ever automated. Our skilled team of analysts personally manage every single aspect of the accounts. From targeting audiences to writing ad text to A/B testing, your campaign is highly controlled by analysts every step of the way. No robots allowed!

We’re flexible. If one strategy doesn’t get the results your business is looking for, that’s okay. We’ll work until we find something that does.

Our in-house design team is here for you. Remember how important images are to Facebook ads? Finding the best images can be stressful. Don’t worry. Our in-house design team can make customized, brilliant images perfect for your campaign.

Customization is key. Our team will adjust every strategy to meet your unique business goals.

We offer comprehensive reporting and analysis. Clients speak with our paid search team on a biweekly basis to discuss strategy, progress, challenges, and ongoing goals.

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