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Whether you’re a Twitter maven who just can’t stop live-tweeting The Bachelor or you still don’t know what a hashtag is, you should think about how Twitter ads could work for your business.

Twitter’s focus on real-time events, #trending topics, and bridging the engagement gap makes it an incredibly unique social media advertising channel. It’s great for B2B, B2C, e-commerce businesses, brand awareness, and everything in between.

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Why advertise on Twitter?

Twitter advertising offers a wide variety of campaigns to suit your goals.

Whether you want to grow your follower base, gain visibility, or promote an app, there’s a solution for you.

Promoted accounts. You can promote your company’s Twitter account and expand your audience quickly by targeting followers, interests, and tailored audiences that take advantage of CRM lists you already have. Promoted accounts show up in the “Who to follow” sidebar and Twitter feeds. This campaign is CPF, or cost-per-follow, meaning that you only pay when a user clicks follow on your ad.

Promoted tweets. You can launch a tweet engagement campaign that promotes your company’s tweets to a larger, more targeted audience. They can be liked, retweeted, and replied to just like regular tweets. Hashtags can boost a promoted tweet’s visibility.

Promoted apps. You can boost engagement and app installs with a specialized app campaign. According to Twitter, 80% of Twitter users are on mobile. Promoted apps make it easy for users to download and open the app within the platform. Because the app card includes an image, a rating, and a call-to-action, it’s one of the best ways to introduce your app to a new audience.

Advertising on Twitter gives you distinctive targeting options.

Yes, there’s standard targeting options like gender and language — but Twitter targeting can get pretty specific. Location targeting is down to the zip code. Interest targeting can break down “Beauty” into subcategories like “body art.” You can even target an audience based on specific Twitter users’ followers.

Twitter ads can include photos, Vines, and GIFs.

Oh, boy. With this many options, it might be time to leave bland text-only ads in the dust. There’s no question that ads with Images and videos (and whatever category GIFs fall into) promote engagement.

Why Perfect Search should manage your #Twitter #ads

We’re all about customization.

With so many components to Twitter ads — so many different kinds of campaigns! So many targeting options! — it’s understandable for your business to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry. Our expert social media advertising team will test, test, and test some more to determine which strategy is best at achieving your specific business goals.

Our in-house design services go above-and-beyond.

It’s common knowledge that tweets with photos and videos receive more engagement than those without. Stunning, engaging visuals are vital for successful Twitter ads. Luckily, our design team can craft high-quality images that reflect your brand, tell a story, and boost engagement.

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