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Our Site Migration Services

A site migration is any event in which a website undergoes substantial changes that can significantly affect search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Common types of site migrations include:

  • Moving the website to a new domain
  • Moving to a new CMS platform
  • Changing the site structure
  • Updating on-page content
  • Refreshing or changing branding and design
  • Changing the user experience

We know this process can make it hard to juggle all of the moving parts. That’s why we offer comprehensive site migration services to ensure your new site has a strong foundation for success.

Some of our Site Migration services include:

  • Onboarding – We’ll work with your team to prepare a project plan that identifies growth opportunities and risks, and sets clear objectives and goals.
  • Technical SEO – Our SEO analysts will ensure the foundation of your new website is sound, from reviewing site structure and linking, creating an optimized sitemap and robots.txt, recommending canonicals, directives, and schema, setting up redirects, and assisting with the setup of Google Search Console.
  • Content – Utilizing copywriting best practices, we’ll review all on-page content and craft keyword-driven copy, image alt tags, and meta data for any new or revised pages.
  • UX/CRO Review – Our UX-certified experts will review your prototypes or wireframes and give recommendations to your developers to improve user experience and conversion journey on your website.
  • Live Site Launch – On the day of the launch, we’ll crawl the site and check for errors to make sure the process goes smoothly. We’ll also upload the new sitemap to Google Search Console to start the indexing process and make sure that Analytics tags and conversion tracking are working correctly.
  • Post-Launch – In the days and weeks following the migration, we provide post-launch support, including checking for crawlability and indexability of new pages, reviewing site speed and analytics, and making additional optimizations where keyword rankings may have dropped.

Perfect Search’s SEO and content teams work together to ensure your site migration goes as smoothly as possible.

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Our Site Migration clients experienced smooth migrations where organic traffic and rankings recovered in less than 6 months in 2023

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If a site migration is executed poorly, you could lose converting organic traffic and ranking keywords.

That’s why it’s imperative to partner with an SEO agency if you’re looking to undergo any major changes to your website. We will work to maintain search visibility and traffic before, during, and after the launch.

SEO strategy is vital in executing a successful site migration.

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