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Worried about competitors outranking your website?

We got you.

Perfect Search is the top SEO agency your site has been waiting for. Not only are we Premier Google Partners, but every member of our team is comprehensively trained in the latest SEO industry trends. One of our mottos is to Always Be Optimizing. (No, we don’t have it embroidered on matching tracksuits. Not yet, anyway). After all, the SEO industry is constantly changing--so our work is never done.


Since we can’t pull off an impressive handshake online, here’s our SEO process.

We believe that SEO is a holistic, ever-evolving task. That’s why our process cycles around tasks that help search engines crawl, index, and rank your site. But that’s not all. Our SEO efforts don’t just get people to your site. We help them convert, too.


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Whether it’s testing a call-to-action, a button color, or a new value proposition on your homepage or an ad’s landing page, our team’s A/B testing process can help you discover new ways to increase purchases and leads.

SEO isn’t just about bringing traffic to your site. Conversion rate optimization brings SEO to the next level by making sure that those users on your site actually become the leads and purchases that your business needs.

Our team formulates comprehensive, data-driven A/B testing plans customized to each client. With the help of enterprise A/B testing software, we track tests, analyze results, and make recommendations to help your site boost its conversion rate.


Our engagements typically begin with a total site audit and a competitive analysis. A typical SEO engagement involves the following:

  • Combing through crawl errors
  • Updating the robots.txt & XML site map
  • Optimizing site structure
  • Reviewing backlinks
  • Fixing duplication & indexation issues
  • Optimizing meta data
  • Improving, expanding, and creating content
  • Boosting page speed
  • Providing mobile-friendliness recommendations
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Customized, data-driven reports

The Perfect Search SEO team constantly adjusts and adds to our to-do list--all while making sure that our efforts tie into the KPIs you really care about. That’s where our customized, data-driven reports come in.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether you’ve launched a brand-new site that needs some SEO TLC or your business needs serious technical updates, there’s always something to optimize. And our SEO team is ready to help.

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