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Our Shopping Advertising Services

We have the best practices for your e-commerce business to maximize the online presence of its products through paid ads. With shopping user data, you can reach relevant audiences whose shopping habits match the interests and behaviors you’re looking for across search engines, YouTube, social media, Amazon, and more.

From Google to Facebook to Amazon, your business can reach users easily. E-commerce ad platforms make advertising your products as easy as uploading your product feed and crafting audience targeting and a bid strategy to reach your goals.

So many platforms have effective ad targeting to reach your customers! Other than the big 3 (Google, Facebook, and Amazon), smaller platforms can also get big results, such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Microsoft, and Criteo.

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Our Shopping clients saw an average increase of 324% in revenue from 2023 to 2024

Why Work With Us

We’re Constantly Testing.

Our expert analysts work with the extensive audience targeting options that the ad platforms offer and constantly tests them to optimize performance. From product and category bid adjustments to balancing new customer acquisition with remarketing to bring back past purchasers, we are always testing strategies to get the best results to meet your goals.

Expert Integration.

We’ll integrate your Shopping advertising strategy with other services like paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, SEO, and Content. Our SEO team can even optimize your product feed, including product titles and descriptions, to allow your products to show up for the right searches on Google, Microsoft, and Amazon!

Customization Is Key.

Our comprehensive reporting is customizable, KPI-driven, and totally transparent so you know exactly what your advertising budget is doing.

Explore our Collection of Content Resources

Explore our Collection of Content Resources

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Explore our Collection of Content Resources

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