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Are you taking full advantage of display ads across websites and apps? With Perfect Search, you can get your business seen on the best sites.

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Display advertising is a powerful opportunity that puts your ads in front of where your customers spend the most time, whether it be websites, blogs, mobile apps, social media, or games on their phones. You can target people that have visited your site before (Retargeting or Remarketing), new potential customers (Prospecting), or past customers that you want to return or upsell. This can keep your business top of mind with customers as they are looking to purchase. That’s where Perfect Search comes in.

The Perfect Search team has expertise in all of the top Display networks. Google, Microsoft Bing/LinkedIn, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) all have their own Display or Audience Networks that show ads on partner websites and apps based on the audience targeting available in their own platform. And programmatic display networks, like StackAdapt and Criteo, use third-party audience information from companies like Neilson, Experian, and others to find specific audiences across the internet. Our expert team will set up strong display campaigns that target the right users at the right time.

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Our Display clients saw an average increase of 67% in their conversions from 2023 to 2024

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What if we told you that you could put your business in front of visitors on The New York Times website? Or TechCrunch readers? Or people on the moon? Okay, not the moon. But the rest of it’s true. Thanks to the power of display advertising, your business can put display ads on thousands of sites. And display advertising doesn’t stop at Google. We have experience with the Meta (Facebook) Audience Network, LinkedIn Audience Network, Microsoft Audience Network, StackAdapt Programmatic Display, Criteo, and many more platforms.

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How We’ve Helped

How We’ve Helped

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