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Perfect Search™ is obsessed with optimizing our clients’ paid search campaigns, ad testing, and incorporating the latest industry tools to get the best performance.

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Our Paid Search Services

When we say “paid search,” we don’t just mean kicking butt at managing Google Search Ads and Microsoft Search Ads (We do kick butt at that, though.) The Perfect Search’s team expertise includes remarketing, display advertising, YouTube advertising, Google Shopping, social media ads, and so much more.

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Our paid search marketing clients saw an average increase of 16% in their conversions from 2021 to 2022

Search Ads

Strategically target your ads to show at the top of the search results for keywords that customers are searching when they are ready to purchase. Pay to be in the right place at the right time to get the conversion.


Display & YouTube Ads

Show Display and YouTube ads to potential customers on many sites and apps across the internet, increasing brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rate.


Shopping Ads

Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns allow you to upload your product feed to the major search engines to sell your products directly to consumers, no Amazon needed.


Social Media Ads

Our experienced paid media team has experience crafting impactful social media ad campaigns on all of the major platforms including Meta (Facebook, Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, X, and many more. Increase customer engagement and conversion rate!

Why Work With Us


By being a Google and Microsoft Advertising Partner, our paid search clients get exclusive access to the latest updates and products from the platforms. We are certified by Google and Microsoft as experts and are held accountable by the platforms for obtaining regular certifications, reaching high-performance goals, and growing client accounts.

20+ Years of Expertise

Google Search Certified

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Top Industry Tools

“Perfect Search has been a driving force of our success. Whether it’s about customizing a report or becoming a source of technical knowledge, Perfect Search is there for us.”

Mary Lea Awanohara
Mary Lea Awanohara
Director of Marketing and Communications
Columbia School of Social Work

“Perfect Search Media evaluated our keywords and overhauled all of our campaigns. They’ve been deferential to our expertise. Their team works with us on how to best approach our audiences.”

Katie Houdek Amta
Katie Houdek
Program Manager
American Massage Therapy Association

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