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Paid Search

Get your site in front of the right people at the right time.

We’re the team to get you there.

Perfect Search is obsessed with optimizing our clients’ paid search campaigns, ad testing, and keeping tabs on the latest industry news.

Plus, we’re a Premier Google Partner. This means that our paid search clients get Dedicated Google Ads reps and exclusive access to betas. Only 10% of Google Partners get this honor, so it’s kind of a big deal.


At Perfect Search, paid search is a way of a life. (We don’t eat it for breakfast though. Donuts are where it’s at.) Our expert analysts are Google Ads certified and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals--and they’re here to help your business bring in those conversions.

This is what our paid search process is all about.

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When we say “paid search,” we don’t just mean kicking butt at managing Google Ads search ads. (We do kick butt at that, though.) The Perfect Search’s team expertise includes remarketing, mobile advertising, Google Shopping, and more.

After all, *so* many users don’t just fill out a contact form, call, or make a purchase immediately. It often takes several points of contact to help them along your conversion funnel. Our experienced analysts will help you take advantage of remarketing strategies on Google Ads, the Google Display Network, and beyond. That’s where customized, strategic remarketing campaigns come in.

As for mobile, more people perform searches on mobile devices than desktop and mobile devices account for more than half of all paid search clicks. Whether we’re making device bid adjustments, testing new mobile ad options, or A/B testing ad creative, Perfect Search will ensure that your business is making the most of mobile advertising. 

Every paid search account we manage has a strong foundation in best practices. Then, the real work begins. A typical paid search engagement includes:

  • Account structure optimizations
  • Thorough conversion tracking analysis
  • Creative targeting
  • Keyword assessment and expansion
  • Device targeting
  • Constant ad testing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Goal tracking implementation


Keyword Builder Tool

Perfect Search uses a proprietary keyword build tool that helps us quickly create complex, long-tail search campaigns. We're dedicated to keyword research and creating clean, well-structured accounts. 

When we introduce the power of a comprehensive paid search account, we see incredible results. For instance, we crafted 91 campaigns targeting 3.35 million keywords and 1.7 million ads (yes, million!) for a Chicago-based startup that helps college students affordably rent e-textbooks. This crazy account build wouldn’t have been possible without our proprietary keyword technology. By the way: This account build led to a 60% decrease in their cost per acquisition.

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