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187 million people use Snapchat every single day. Approximately 20% of that number use the dog face filter. (Okay, the first stat is real. The second stat is a guess.) Snapchat is a highly engaging and addictive app that opened up its advertising platform to all. If you haven’t tested Snapchat ads for your brand, it’s time to start.


Snapchat Advertising



40% of Snapchat users only use Snapchat on a given day, so it’s a loyal audience


The audience is incredibly engaged, with the average visitor checking the app 25 times a day


Snapchat’s user base is younger, which is great for brands trying to reach that generation


Snapchat ads are highly interactive, creative, and engaging


  • Our team is connected with the Snapchat internal ad team and receives early information on new features and best practices
  • We'll plan, execute, and manage an integrated social media advertising strategy that incorporates Snapchat ads with other social channels
  • Our thorough analytics and reporting is customizable, data-driven, and transparent for every client

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