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"Without Perfect Search, our Adwords campaign would be a disaster, but thanks to them we have a solid online marketing strategy and we are seeing positive results that we wouldn’t have otherwise."
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LinkedIn Advertising

With over 400 million users (and who knows how many photos of people in blazers), LinkedIn isn’t just an expansive professional network or another way to creep on old friends from high school.

Because LinkedIn has users with updated, comprehensive profiles, detailed targeting options, and a variety of ad campaign options, your business could seriously benefit from advertising on LinkedIn.

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Why choose LinkedIn advertising?

LinkedIn has extensive targeting options

The choices include job title, industry, company name, seniority, and LinkedIn group membership. Compared to other social media advertising channels, LinkedIn targeting goes above and beyond simple demographics. And because people are likely to keep profile information updated and specific, LinkedIn ads can be highly targeted and relevant in a way that some other social media advertising platforms can’t always pull off.

LinkedIn offers a wide variety of ad campaign structures and formats

Ads can be shown on profile pages, the LinkedIn homepage, a user’s inbox, the search results page, LinkedIn groups, and more. From Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMail (where ads can be sent directly to a user’s inbox and stay pinned at the top), targeted display ads, and beyond, there are so many ways to reach your target audience.

LinkedIn allows you to choose between CPC or CPM

Just when you thought you knew all of the customization options for LinkedIn advertising, there’s more! Of course, it should be noted that the average LinkedIn CPC is between $4-6, which is higher than other social media advertising channel CPCs. However, because you can reach more valuable leads on LinkedIn, we can make those extra dollars well worth it.

LinkedIn advertising is perfect for B2B companies

LinkedIn’s professional network isn’t just super convenient for networking or people on that job hunt grind. It also makes it incredibly beneficial for B2B companies looking to reach a highly specific target audience. Remember that laundry list of targeting options? Whether you’re a business looking to reach petting zoo owners in South Dakota or marketing directors of luxury water parks (are those a thing?), LinkedIn is the advertising channel for you.

Let us be your LinkedIn marketing solution

We’ll never stop testing

With so many targeting options and campaign structures, the testing possibilities are endless. Our expert team will test, optimize, and test some more in order to achieve your advertising goals.

Quality images & ad copy are vital to LinkedIn—our team will craft them for you

With in-house design and copywriting services, you don’t have to worry about coming up with killer ads. We’ll supply engaging banner ads, enticing value propositions, and whatever else your LinkedIn advertising campaign needs.

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