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Perfect Search acts as an extension of your team. We can add services like custom social media & display ad design, video & digital collateral, and landing page & UX design recommendations.

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Our Design Services

Our Design team acts as an extension of yours. Are your designers stretched thin and don’t have time to dedicate to your digital design strategy? We can help, making sure your brand design remains consistent across all platforms, ads, and landing pages.

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Our design clients saw an increase of 13% in their click through rate on social media ads from 2023 to 2024

Perfect Search’s Design services include everything you need for a successful online marketing presence, including:

Social Media & Display Ad Design

With the number of businesses vying for your attention online, good design is the key to standing out. Your audience is constantly scrolling through websites and social media–it’s important to show them something enticing enough to stop them in their tracks.

Build Your Video & Digital Collateral

By taking advantage of video and digital collateral, your business will be a major competitor online. With 93% of businesses reporting getting a new customer through social media video, it’s hard to ignore: video is the future.

Videos can be used as ads or on your website to animate important content. Similarly, additional digital collateral like infographics, slideshows, sales sheets, presentations, newsletters, blog images, and more can be used to highlight the most important parts of your business. These resources give your brand the personality you need to be remembered by your customers.

Landing Page & UX Design That Drives Results

Website design and usability is an essential foundation of your company’s SEO strategy.

Without proper navigation, ease of use layout, and enticing aesthetics, users won’t engage and convert on your website.

Why Work With Us

Whether your goal is awareness, engagement, or conversion, our design team can either create or consult on the types of creative that will produce the best results. We’re experienced in advertising on all platforms including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Microsoft Bing, and more.

We can create a variety of creative assets to support your brand and goals, including:

  • Static graphics and images
  • Illustrated or photographed images
  • Carousel ads
  • Video Ads
  • And more!

Custom Design to Fit your Goals

  • Our designers work closely with our Paid Media team to incorporate campaign learnings and guarantee attention-grabbing, high-converting ads and videos for more than half the cost of other vendors.
  • Our designers can work with your brand guidelines (or lack thereof) to create what you need to get ahead.
  • Our design team works closely with our content team to put together the most efficient and optimized landing pages. We make sure that, when someone clicks on your ad, they are brought to a cohesive landing page where they can quickly get what they need. We’ve researched the forms that work best, the design that grabs the most attention, and the calls to action that will lead your company to success.

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