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No, Instagram isn’t just for snapping pictures of your brunch and making your friends jealous. With a quickly expanding user base and a market that isn’t oversaturated, why not consider advertising your business on Instagram?

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Our Instagram clients saw an average increase of 5% in their conversions from 2021 to 2022

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The Perfect Search experts will adjust every strategy to meet your unique business goals. If one strategy doesn’t get the results your business is looking for, that’s okay. We’ll work until we find something that does.

Plus, our skilled team of analysts personally manage every single aspect of the accounts. From targeting audiences to writing ad text to A/В testing, your campaign is highly controlled by analysts every step of the way. No robots allowed!

 Instagram uses the Facebook advertising platform.

Instagram promotes a seamless, engaging ad experience for users.

 Instagram ads are image-based, ideal for B2C and e-commerce companies expanding to new audiences.

 Instagram advertising is always expanding to new audiences.

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