This fashion retailer focuses on women’s contemporary clothing and accessories and has an e-commerce website connected to it’s chain of stores. In preparation for a massive pre-Black Friday sale, the company wanted to drive more traffic to its brick-and-mortar locations.

Our strategy

The Perfect Search team identified unique store locations to target and established a control group of stores to compare results. Our team targeted the ad spend within a 5-mile radius of each address on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

We established prospecting audiences by including people with the intent to purchase similar products, people who look like current customers, and people who had expressed an interest in nearby products.

The PSM team also remarketed to current customers and those who had left stuff in their online shopping cart without completing the purchase.

We tailored Google Search campaigns around queries for “near me” and “in store”.


47.5% week-over-week increase in online purchases with a 19.9% rise in conversion rate.
12.4% in-store traffic increase at targeted locations
all with a higher average order value.
37.7%  increase in weekend-over-weekend retail store visits
with 778 additional visitors per Google’s Store Visit metrics


What this means for your business

Your online advertising strategy isn’t just for driving e-commerce revenue. There are a variety of ways to drive in-store traffic with online advertising. Perfect Search creates high-converting creative advertising with location targeting for local marketing campaigns. With the expert insight from our team, you can drive more traffic to retail stores with online ads.

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