A film academy with a variety of degree programs and campuses all over the world wanted to drive more prospective student leads. Because cost per click was rising due to competition in the space, it was especially important for the school to increase the number of information requests while also lowering the cost per lead in Google Search. The Perfect Search team decided to test a strategy that leveraged broad match keywords, since they tend to have a lower cost per click and can even result in a lower cost per lead if the ads reach a relevant audience.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by identifying which Google Search campaigns had the largest recent increases in cost per click to test broad match keywords in, and scheduled a thorough review of search terms after implementation.

The Perfect Search team then worked to optimize the search terms by analyzing them constantly and adding negative terms to positively influence the algorithms and eliminate as much irrelevant spend as possible.

Once a campaign experienced fewer irrelevant search terms, Perfect Search implemented a normal schedule and added broad match keywords to another campaign.

Match type metrics were monitored to learn how broad match performed compared to phrase and exact match keywords.


34% of information requests in 2022 came from the newly added broad match keywords

8.5% decrease in cost per lead for broad match keywords

The cost per lead from broad match keywords was the same or less than phrase match keywords

What this means for your business

With diligent search term management and enough time, strategically adding broad match keywords to Google Search campaigns with rising costs per click can help you both increase leads while maintaining or lowering the cost per lead. It’s a clever way to make optimizations in a competitive paid search space—but it takes expertise and an investment of resources. That’s why partnering with an experienced agency can be so impactful to your digital marketing results.

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