How Limitless Male Medical Clinic Overcame Ad Platform Restrictions to Generate More Website Traffic and Leads


Throughout the first half of 2022, Limitless Male Medical Clinic often encountered ad approval issues in Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Ads. As a result, their ads would serve on a limited basis or sometimes not at all. They wanted to improve ad consistency and avoid downtimes between campaigns. Perfect Search piloted a test into programmatic advertising through StackAdapt, a platform well-suited for advertising sensitive categories, in order to increase and improve ad placement and drive greater awareness for the clinic.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by compiling strong pre-existing imagery and sending it for review by StackAdapt representatives.

The Perfect Search team then identified relevant audiences to target from StackAdapt’s extensive audience database, particularly those not available within other advertising platforms.

Once imagery was approved, Perfect Search launched display ads targeted at Limitless Male’s audiences contextually and through remarketing lists.

Following the launch of display ads, the Perfect Search team expanded into additional ad formats including native, video, and animated display ads.


22% increase in overall website traffic within two weeks

27% increase in appointment forms started in first two months

What this means for your business

If your business falls within a sensitive category, you can spend a lot of time modifying your ad creative and copy to fit within strict policies from traditional platforms. This can stunt your efforts and results.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. When you partner with an expert team and test new ad platforms, you can get in front of your target audience without jumping through hoops.

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