A leading insurance provider saw high costs per enrollment on Google Search after launching their new identity protection product and spending millions of dollars on awareness campaigns. Perfect Search Media partnered with the insurance provider and their current branding agency to restructure their paid search campaigns to improve efficiency and drive more enrollments.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by reviewing keyword performance across the account’s 36 Search campaigns.

The PSM team then identified high-converting keywords with lower than average cost per enrollment.

Our team then took the 36 Search campaigns, which had been divided into different campaigns by keyword match types, device used for the search, and remarketing users, and consolidated them into 3 Search campaigns. For instance, 9 different campaigns targeting competitor searches were consolidated into a single competitor campaign.

Only high-converting keywords were moved into the consolidated campaigns. Other keywords were paused.

Perfect Search then implemented Target CPA bidding on the consolidated campaigns, which now had larger, consolidated daily budgets which allowed the algorithm to learn quickly over a wide volume of searches.

Over time, the PSM team continued to monitor keyword performance and test different CPA goals for the algorithm bidding to optimize performance.


114% increase in enrollments in the first 2 months of the engagement
57.8% decrease in cost per enrollment on Google Search in the same time period

What this means for your business

By consolidating Google Search campaigns and allowing the algorithm’s bidding strategies to learn with a larger budget and audience, your business can significantly improve performance with your current keywords and targeting in just a few months. An agency that is on the cutting edge of new advertising technologies and knows how to structure an account and campaigns to allow machine learning algorithms to work best can help you to improve stagnant performance in a short period of time.

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