How NYCDA Utilized a Highly Targeted Paid Search Campaign & Increased Leads


When Perfect Search started working with NYCDA, it was a newer coding academy that didn’t have success in their previous digital marketing efforts. They wanted to increase leads and enrollments for their part-time and full-time courses.

Our strategy

Our team built out a massive Google Ads paid search account with over 100 highly targeted campaigns.

We optimized each campaign to include specific location keywords and a customized manual bidding strategy for all match types to maximize volume.

Once the campaigns were launched, the Perfect Search Team maintained aggressive bid management and A/B tests. We tested ad copy, landing pages, and other conversion rate optimization areas.


40% decrease in YoY cost-per-lead

NYCDA Case Study Graph

74% increase in YoY CTR
78% increase in YoY conversion rate
260% increased in YoY conversions from 61 to 220

What this means for your business

A smart paid search strategy can seriously improve your hunt for leads. As your Google Ads campaigns grow, so does your business. Perfect Search can make your paid search campaigns more efficient and more impactful.

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