How AAD Used Seasonal Social Media Posts to Boost Engagement


The American Association of Dermatologists (AAD) wanted to get visitors to search for a board-certified dermatologist near them in a new tool on their website.

Our strategy

We built out detailed audiences on Facebook, consisting of interest targeting, demographics, previous website visitors, members, and lookalikes. Targeted audiences ranged from very specific to more general. For example, we targeted people with a general interest in health or skin care and specific audiences targeting psoriasis awareness and eczema awareness.

We tested various types of ads (single image, carousel, slideshow, Stories) using different images, copy, and background colors that were changed monthly.

We optimized budget across different platforms and placements, as well as different audiences to make the most impact.

We changed ad images and copy to match holiday and seasonal themes to main relevancy.

We tailored ad images and copy to different groups based on demographics and interests.


50% decrease in cost per search
84.9% increase in free organic post shares
$6.13 lowest cost per search for new stories format on social
40% decrease in cost/spend

What this means for your business

Social media can be a powerful way to reach your target audience. When you create sophisticated audience segments and fresh, engaging ads, you can see big results. Regular testing, optimizations, and ad changes can greatly impact and refresh performance.

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