How the AMTA Boosted Conversions With New Google Discovery Ads


The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) aimed to increase memberships by targeting massage therapists through Google Discovery Ads.

Our strategy

Perfect Search worked to create engaging ads to be shown on Google and YouTube’s new Discovery feeds. These ads are similar to responsive display ads, using optimized image and text combinations. They show in feeds alongside news stories and video recommendations that are tailored to viewers’ interests.

We tested performance and optimizations while Discovery Ads were still in beta testing with Google, taking advantage of a new audience and ad platform.


$315 spend on Discovery Ads in September and October

$4.20 return on ad spend
2 Prospecting Memberships

7 Remarketing Memberships

51 View-through Conversions

What this means for your business

Google Discovery Ads open up advertising to new feeds, where viewers are shown relevant news stories and videos on Google and YouTube websites and apps. While these new ads have a more expensive cost per click than Display ads, they can result in higher engagement and conversions than Display for certain businesses. With Google’s advanced machine-learning bidding and audiences, this could be a valuable platform for your company to reach new customers.

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