How AMTA Used Bing Search Advertising to Increase Memberships During COVID-19


The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) wanted to increase memberships by targeting massage therapists through Microsoft Bing Search advertising.

Our strategy

Perfect Search created strategic, detailed campaigns and ad groups with foundational keywords. By using a mix of manual eCPC bids, we increased performance at the best efficiency and tested new automated bidding algorithms, like maximized conversions and Target CPA.

We took advantage of unique targeting to narrow our ads to the best audience. LinkedIn data like company name, job function, and industry can be used to further qualify searchers on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL search engines. We also tested new in-market and remarketing audience bid adjustments.

We utilized multiple new creative types to make our ads stand out from competitors. We tested Microsoft Audience Network display ads using remarketing and LinkedIn targeting options when they were first in beta. We also used single image and carousel image extensions with our search ads, responsive search ads, and dynamic insertion ads.


78% Increase in Memberships on Microsoft Search
52% Decrease in Microsoft Search cost-per-membership

What this means for your business

Microsoft Bing Search advertising is a valuable tool for businesses that want to take advantage of professional targeting. Microsoft’s platform covers about 30% of U.S. search volume. Its lower costs-per-click when compared to Google makes for more efficient conversions, especially in B2B targeting. However, its lack of “automatic” ad, bidding, and campaign types requires expert managers. By using newer targeting options and focusing on both quality and variety in ad creative, you can engage a professional audience on Microsoft.

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