How Best Bully Sticks increased revenue while maintaining their ROAS


Best Bully Sticks, an online dog treat retailer, wanted to increase their BF/ CM budget while focusing on new user acquisition and maintaining their ROAS above $4.96.

Our strategy

We utilized video ads that told a comprehensive brand story to new users and used a combination or showcase and carousel ads to introduce the brand while showcasing their products.

We paused Bing advertising to put more money into Facebook and Google given how those had more focus on new customer acquistion.

Launched an AddToCart campaign targeting users on Facebook who would be more likely to AddToCart rather than purchase, thus allowing us to retarget these users over BF  + CM as Shopping Cart Abandoners and have them convert at a cheaper CPC.

Updated their shopping feed to segment products into High, Medium, and Low ROAS to better control which products were getting a bulk of spend.

We used Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences to reach new users.


10.5% Increase in YOY revenue
12.7% increase in clicks
21.4% decrease in cost-per-click

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