How Blitsy Optimized Their Paid Search Account & Improved Their Cost-Per-Acquisition


Blitsy, an arts and crafts e-commerce business, wanted to improve their paid search account’s overall efficiency by improving their cost per acquisition.

Our strategy

Strategically reallocated budgets across Search, Shopping and Display campaigns and focused on high ROAS keywords and products.

Implemented more granular bidding strategies on Search and Shopping campaigns.

Pushed additional display remarketing and RLSA volume and launched responsive ads to test a new ad format.

Overlayed Search campaigns with “similar to” audiences and bid up on these audiences to push for more conversion volume at a lower CPA.


37.5% Increase in revenue

32% Increase in transactions
40% Increase in in overall ROAS

What this means for your business

Perfect Search grew Blitsy’s most effective channels–like remarketing–and scaled back on other channels. Properly allocating your budget across your advertising channels can make a significant impact on your account’s performance.

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