Our client wanted to prospect mid-tier and enterprise-tier companies with both general technology adoptive audiences and financial institutions as a focus. This was their initial endeavor into paid search strategy.

Our strategy

We complied extensive keyword lists targeting both general AI technology and highly specific banking/financial AI software needs.

We used both search ads and responsive display ads to capture impressions from several placements.

We used ad copy featuring next-generation and technology-focused terms for both text and display ads to help demonstrate our client’s value propositions.

We added several business-technology focused audiences across campaigns to best capture targeted users looking for AI solutions for their businesses.


3.5% Conversion Rate on the General AI campaign within the first two weeks of launch
18% conversion rate seen in the targeted “Business Professionals” audience that was added to all campaigns
21 Leads at $6.43 per conversion within the first two weeks following launch from responsive display ads

What this means for your business

Creating an extensive keyword list greatly increases the number of searchers that can see your ads. Moreover, being diligent to test relevant audiences to your business’ offerings can help create more efficient and successful campaigns.

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