An Arts and Crafts Retailer that just launched an e-commerce site wanted to grow in-store visits through Google Ads while decreasing overall cost per store visit.

Our strategy

Perfect Search built an account focused on driving in-store visits by utilizing “near me” keywords and highly specific geo-targets.

We adjusted bids across keywords, devices, ad schedule, and audiences to hit the right users at the right time.

We consistently tested new ads across Search and Display and specifically focused on CTAs that would drive in-store traffic.

We significantly increased bids based on users’ proximity to Google My Business store locations.


43% Increase in in-store visits
34% decrease in cost/store visit
67% increase in CTR
12% decrease in average CPC

What this means for your business

Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations can use Google Ads to drive in-store traffic. Through highly geo-targeted campaigns and consistent optimizations and testing, you can decrease cost per store visit, too.

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