This Dental Office wanted to show for at least 80% of searches for “dental insurance” in their covered states. They also wanted to track sign-ups and increase the volume of paying customers who clicked on their ads.

Our strategy

Built out brand campaigns, “dental insurance” keyword campaigns, and target audience campaigns like dental insurance for seniors, millennials, and families. We bidded aggressively for search impression share and top position in the search results.

Tested new ad copy in regular cycles to increase click through rates on our ads.

Set up custom tracking to track searches from website views to paying customers.

Introduced remarketing campaigns to encourage people who viewed the website to return and sign up for insurance.

Optimized budget by location and cost per new customer.


662.5% Increase in YOY conversion rate
72.7% decrease in cost per conversion
12% increase in click through rate

What this means for your business

Your business can dominate online advertising in your vertical while also improving click through rate on your ads and conversion rate on your website. Regular ad testing, bid & budget optimizations, and remarketing can help you make the most of your advertising spend.

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