For a long time, the department store’s primary revenue driver was in-store purchases. The company wanted to make their e-commerce site a larger part of their marketing priorities. Perfect Search worked with the department store company to increase online revenue from paid channels.

Our strategy

Perfect Search reallocated budgets across branded campaigns and adjusted the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids. These increased bids led to increases in average position and improved click-through-rate (CTR).

Our team adjusted the Google shopping campaign to only spend on the website’s most profitable products.

The Perfect Search team created Stage’s first Google Display Remarketing campaign. We set up new audiences, placements, and ad creative.


10X increase in YoY Return On Ad Spend

Stage Case Study Graph

161% increase in YoY shopping revenue
54.21% increase in branded conversions
55.9% increase in remarketing conversions

What this means for your business

Make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the paid search channels out there. If your business hasn’t tried Google Shopping or Remarketing, Perfect Search can help. Thanks to our team’s efforts, the department store saw a positive ROI for paid search and increased their digital marketing budget.

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