This Film Academy wanted to increase information requests and applications to their film program through YouTube advertising.

Our strategy

Perfect Search researched and created customized audiences to target for our client’s campaign.

We then targeted custom audiences created using our best search campaign keywords. By uploading a list of at least 50 keywords to YouTube, we were able to show our video ads to people who searched for those keywords recently.

PSM also targeted an audience of people similar to the Film Academy’s recent or past customers and topic categories of YouTube videos.

We used machine learning and YouTube TrueView for Action campaigns to drive our audience from YouTube on to the Film Academy’s website, completing our conversion.

We created short (5-15 seconds) catchy videos highlighting the Film Academy brand, benefits, and call to action in the first 5 seconds of the video, before the ad becomes skippable.


YouTube Prospecting 58% lower cost per lead than Google Display
YouTube Remarkering 42% lower cost per lead than Google Display

What this means for your business

As the second largest search engine behind Google, YouTube has become a valuable advertising tool for digital marketers and businesses of all types. With the help of Youtube, companies can increase the volume of searches for their brand and boost general brand awareness. With the help of a digital marketing agency, businesses can create specialty campaigns to drive more information requests, applications, and other conversions with ease.

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