How Gage Diamonds Tested a New Ad Format & Increased Site Traffic


Perfect Search worked to drive relevant users to the Gage Diamonds website and to increase the total number of conversions on the site. Conversions included actual purchases as well as micro-conversions like account creation and additions to the shopping cart.

Our strategy

Perfect Search’s Google Premier Partner status allowed us to opt into the Google beta for expanded text ads. This meant that Gage Diamonds was able to take advantage of expanded text ads before their official launch to the general public.

Traditional text ads have one 25-character headline, two 35-character description lines, and one 35-character display URL. The new extended text ads have two 30-character headlines, an 80-character description line, and a customizable URL.

We tested expanded text ads against traditional text ads in Gage’s largest campaigns.


571% increase in total click-through-rate

Gage Diamonds Case Study Graph

160% increase in conversion rate

What this means for your business

Working with a Google Premier Partner is a worthwhile investment. When you gain early access to new Google Ads beta features, your business gets to test new strategies and see improvements earlier than most.

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