How NGC Maintained a Low CPC While Growing Their Business


National Gift Card (NGC) wanted to grow their business and increase order volume while remaining under a $50 cost per conversion.

Our strategy

Made keyword optimizations like cutting irrelevant search terms, adding negative keywords, and optimizing bid adjustments to improve campaign performance.

A/B tested ad copy to evaluate the efficacy of different value propositions and calls-to-actions.

Optimized landing pages in accordance with insights from paid search performance and user engagement data.

Created a new campaign targeting Digital Visa Card keywords, a special offer from NGC.


40% increase in conversions

NGC Case Study Graph

23.7% decrease in cost per conversion

71.61% increase in clicks

What this means for your business

Frequent testing and vigilant optimizations are essential to a healthy paid search account. By A/B testing new ads, actively monitoring search terms and adjusting bids, and creating new non-branded campaigns, Perfect Search helped NGC grow sales and remain well below their cost per conversion goal.

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