How Packback gained more visibility while maintaining cost per conversion goals.


Packback wanted to gain more online visibility while maintaining cost per conversion goals. They also wanted to receive as many affiliate clicks as possible while maintaining a cost per conversion under $4.50.

Our strategy

The Perfect Search team created an extensive Google Ads account. Utilizing our proprietary technology that allows us to create a large, comprehensive account efficiently, we crafted 91 campaigns targeting 3.35 million keywords and 1.7 million ads (yes, million!). This complex account structure allowed Packback to reach students looking for one of their thousands of e-textbooks.

We also performed thorough A/B testing on ad copy variants. For example, we tested including the title or the ISBN number to be included in the copy. This effort led to an increase in click through rate.


60% decrease in cost per acquisition from $11.60 to under $4.50
4 major publishers
provided Packback with titles to use in their e-textbook rental library after our team increased the student demand for services

What this means for your business

Building out paid search campaigns with thousands of long-tail keywords sounds daunting, but it’s well worth it. Working with an agency experienced with sophisticated accounts makes this process so much easier and more effective.

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