How Swig Life Scaled Their B2C Buyers In 2 Months


Swig Life wanted to expand their marketing budget from B2B to B2C and become a household name

Our strategy

We identified a strong opportunity on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to reach consumers with eye-catching visuals and detailed targeting. We began by creating a foundation performance on each platform, making sure all best practices were implemented and we had a conservative budget to start.

After a few weeks of testing, we were able to find the account structure and targeting that produced optimal results.

We scaled across Search/Shopping and Facebook/Instagram, optimizing the account as it grew. We manage this daily.


277.7% Increase in Purchases
297% Increase in Revenue
102.4% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

What this means for your business

Working with a digital marketing agency can help your company weather any challenge by providing insights on how your company can scale revenue, maintain efficiency, and expand your business’ audience reach.

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