How Tracksmith Maximized Revenue While Maintaining a Set ROAS


Tracksmith wanted to maximize revenue while maintaining a set ROAS of $4.

Our strategy

Launched highly segmented non-branded search campaigns to reach new potential customers with brand and product messaging.

Retargeted visitors, cart abandoners, and engaged users through the Google Display Network, as well as video viewers and page followers on Facebook in order to increase revenue from already engaged users.

Improved ad creative to focus on the most valuable products and improve user experience.

Highlighted products that were new, on sale, or in season in the Facebook carousel ad format, which allowed users to visit specific product pages and easily purchase.


210.61% increase in revenue

Tracksmith Case Study Graph

189.51% increase in transactions

79.20% decrease in cost per transaction

What this means for your business

Improvements in display, remarketing, and social media advertising doesn’t just increase revenue for that respective channel–you can see compounding effects in other channels like paid search.

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