How ReviewTrackers Dramatically Increased Lead Volume with LinkedIn’s Lead Form Ads


ReviewTrackers, an online reputation management software, wanted to increase lead volume and test content-based ads to increase engagement with high-priority company targets. Perfect Search decided to test LinkedIn’s lead form ads. Because of the ability to target users by company size, job title, and industry, LinkedIn made it easy to go after ReviewTrackers’ target audience. Perfect Search prioritized testing these lead form ads by promoting the brand’s high-quality blog content, since it was hyper-relevant to their audience.

Our strategy

The Perfect Search PPC and SEO & Content teams worked together to determine which ReviewTrackers blog posts had the highest organic performance.

Once we chose the top articles, Perfect Search crafted ad copy for engaging image and lead form ads that aligned with each piece of content and the targeted company industry

Perfect Search set up campaigns tailored to each piece of content by targeting company size, job titles, and industry. Because ReviewTrackers is an enterprise-level tool that only services a specific set of industries, we chose job titles to target decision-makers and others who influence decisions.


5000% increase in leads with LinkedIn’s lead form content ads vs. lead ads that directed users to a landing page

Lead form content ads consistently delivered strong conversion volume every month for a year

What this means for your business

Creating and promoting high-quality content can benefit both SEO and PPC strategies, specifically on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s lead form ads are a fantastic opportunity to gain engagement with content, collect information on new leads, and build a base of contacts for your business. By targeting a very specific audience, businesses can reach the most valuable prospects for their products and services. Working with a partner who can think creatively and test new ad formats and strategies is key to driving these kinds of results.

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