How ReviewTrackers Increased Qualified Leads and Decreased CPL in Four Months


ReviewTrackers, an online reputation management software, needed to drive high-quality leads from their Google Ads campaigns and diversify their ad presence across multiple channels. Previous digital campaigns had not driven a high number of qualified leads for the company. With a new marketing leader on board, they were ready to drive more qualified leads and improve their ROI from digital advertising. 

Our strategy

The Perfect Search team began by restructuring ReviewTrackers’ previous Google campaigns. We reviewed past keyword performance, conducted new keyword research, and removed broad keywords.

We launched new ad campaigns on search, display, and social platforms to drive more qualified leads.

We also used ReviewTrackers’ CRM data on lead quality and customer data to drive marketing decisions and optimize the campaigns toward larger deals.


320% increase in conversions in the first 4 months

61% decrease in cost per lead in the first 4 months

What this means for your business

With the wrong campaign structure, the wrong channels, and the wrong keywords, you might also face the same challenges with unqualified leads and a poor ROI. By partnering with the right digital marketing agency, you can have a team of experts structure your keywords, audiences, and campaigns across channels to focus on the types of big leads you really want. When your agency partner also pairs backend CRM data to inform campaign optimizations, you can see even higher-quality leads for your business in a shorter time span.

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