How BBS Grew Their Organic Keyword Rankings to Increase Revenue and Transactions


Best Bully Sticks, an online dog treat retailer, wanted to grow their organic keyword rankings to increase revenue and transactions.

Our strategy

We ensured the site was in great technical health in order to maximize our chance of improving keyword rankings. We updated their robots.txt file, fixed any crawl errors on the site, and corrected all indexation issues.

We optimized the site’s meta data and prioritized the product category and top navigation pages before moving onto specific product pages.

We assisted the Best Bully Sticks team during a site migration by providing best practices and recommendations for UX improvements, including site speed, design, CTAs, content, and hero images.


39.2% Increase in YOY organic transactions
42.7% increase in YOY organic revenue
153.6% increase in YOY organic traffic

What this means for your business

Take the time to invest in your website’s technical health, user experience, and meta data. Although these KPIs may not be a top priority, improving them can contribute to an increase in your business’s core KPIs, including revenue and transactions.

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