How Blitsy Optimized Their Site Health & Increased Organic Traffic


Blitsy, an arts and crafts e-commerce business, wanted to strengthen their organic search presence, grow their keyword portfolio, and ultimately increase their organic traffic.

Our strategy

Optimized the top 150 brand pages with keyword-rich, long-tail meta data. Prior to Perfect Search, the brand page title tags only included ‘Brand Name | Blitsy’ and no meta description. We ensured each top brand page’s meta data was specific to what they sold and were tied to high search volume, low-competition keywords.

Reviewed any crawl errors and technical issues to ensure they would not impede our keyword ranking growth.

Reviewed Blitsy’s backlink profile and disavowed domains that were spammy, no longer existent, or unsafe to improve our domain authority.


22% increase in total ranking keywords
226% increase in brand-specific keywords on page
12 point increase in domain authority

What this means for your business

Because Perfect Search optimized the site for high-value, long-tail keywords and improved the site’s technical health, Blitsy saw an increase in their ranking keywords and brand page clicks in just a few months. Investing in SEO is vital. Any positive changes you make can lead to immediate increases as well as long-term growth.

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