How Buckler's Expanded Their Keyword Portfolio & Increased Organic Traffic


Buckler’s Remedy was a brand-new website with a handful of pages and a small keyword portfolio. They wanted to expand their keyword rankings and increase monthly organic traffic.

Our strategy

Because Buckler’s was a new site, Perfect Search determined that the best way to increase keyword rankings and organic traffic was through incorporating valuable long-tail keywords throughout the site.

Perfect Search performed extensive keyword research and incorporated high-volume, low-competition keywords in meta data and on-page content.

Our content team helped shape Buckler’s blogging strategy. We researched informational, long-tail queries and wrote blog topics around queries like “benefits of sweet almond oil for your skin” and “how to choose the best hand cream for dry skin”.


183% increase in the number of ranking keywords over 3 months
22% increase in the number of keywords ranked in the top 10 positions in the SERP over 3 months
30.11% increase in organic traffic between February 2017 and March 2017

Since the website is still new, MoM increases show promising growth

What this means for your business

Through a detailed keyword research process and a strong content strategy, Perfect Search has consistently helped businesses like yours expand their keyword portfolio and increase organic traffic growth.

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