How This College Gained Visibility in Key Programs Through SEO-Driven Content


Higher education, like many industries in 2020, has seen volatility and uncertainty in response to the global pandemic. Perfect Search worked with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to revamp their copywriting and content strategy to focus on program areas that saw downturns in leads (program information requests). Their goal was to increase organic traffic and interest in these programs by creating valuable content around remote learning, online education, and careers.

Our strategy

Perfect Search analyzed organic traffic, keywords, and leads to uncover The Chicago School’s lowest-performing programs.

We then conducted keyword research to identify primary and secondary keywords for each of these academic program’s career topic areas.

We worked with the TCSPP content marketing team to develop an accelerated editorial calendar of six additional new blog posts per month, on top of their regularly scheduled content. We executed up to 10 blog posts per month, ranging from career and program focused pieces to longer traditional blog posts in order to capture audiences and leads for these core programs.


196.53% YOY increase in organic traffic to the TCSPP blog, Insight
222% YOY increase in ranking keywords

What this means for your business

No matter what outside factors impact your business, executing consistent, quality copy in content areas your audience cares about can garner organic visibility and traffic to your website. Partnering with a content-focused agency that is well-versed in content strategy, data analysis, and copywriting can help you achieve your business goals.

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