This rail service wanted to ensure their new site migration went smoothly and that the site brought in organic traffic.

Our strategy

Perfect Search reviewed the staging site for SEO best practices, including crawlable text, clear navigation, and proper internal linking.

We created a new robots.txt and a new XML Sitemap to ensure proper crawling and indexation of the site.

We created a 301 redirect map of old URLs to new URLs to maintain SEO link equity and mitigate a drop in traffic following migration.

We reviewed new pages on the site, establish primary keyword ranking goals for each page, and optimized page titles, headers, meta descriptions, and alt tags accordingly.

We implemented meta data, upload new robots.txt and upload new XML Sitemap in CMS.


471.3% increase in organic visits

Brightline Graph

49 domain authority compared to 46
1-3 keyword positions compared to 15-26

What this means for your business

A clean site migration is vital for every business. Site migrations can cause wobbles in traffic and site performance, so ensure that your team is ready for the move by working with an expert in technical SEO.

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