How The Chicago School Used SEO Content & Design to Boost Conversions


At the end of 2020, The Chicago School was seeing great traffic to their blog, but not a lot of conversions. They wanted to increase leads and “request more information” form submissions from prospective students. Perfect Search aimed to repurpose their high-performing content into more conversion-friendly website pages and boost leads.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by identifying high-performing blog posts from The Chicago School that had evergreen, informative, and useful content for prospective students. 

The PSM team then worked to convert and optimize the blog copy into landing page copy, maintaining keyword rankings and adding additional keyword opportunities and interactive elements.

Our design team converted the copy into a page design, utilizing best practices for UX, accessibility, and conversion-friendly design.

After redirecting the old blog post links to the new evergreen landing page, PSM started to monitor performance, including traffic and keyword rankings to ensure there were no issues.


77.5% increase in Form Submissions
14.5% increase in Organic Traffic

What this means for your business

High-performing content is great, but it can mean little if it’s not bringing in conversions. This is especially true in the education industry, where applications and information requests are crucial to operations. 

By reimagining and repurposing quality content and making it more interactive, user, and conversion-friendly, you can boost not only organic traffic to your website, but leads as well.

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